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First off let me make this confession… I loved/love the show Sex and the City. I really don’t even feel like that’s a confession because I love it so much. I watched the whole series and the movies and then made my husband watch them (he must really love me). I’m sure this totally shows my age, but I love it and still watch it. Anyway, I was watching it the other day and Sarah Jessica Parker brought up SSB’s (Secret Single Behaviors).  You know, those things that we do when we’re alone that we would never ever do in front of a guy. I was 30 when I got married and it was quite the adjustment having someone be around all the time. I definitely had SSB’s!

Now that I’m a stay at home mom. I rarely have a moment alone… RARELY! And when I do get a moment alone I’m like a kid who isn’t allowed to do anything when their mom is around so away from their mom they do everything, eat everything and act like a crazy person. I run around trying to do the million things that I can’t do when my kids are awake.

So here are a few Secret Mom Behaviors I think we can all share…

Showering… or really any type of personal care. Have you ever tried to do your nails with a two year old? If that two year old is a girl, forget about it. You’ll just be spending your time painting her nails and then trying to keep her still enough to let them dry. If the kids are asleep I can shower and take as long as I want! It’s amazing!

Eating… not just eating, but really eating. Eating anything you want and eating ALL of it all by yourself. There are days that I will wait until two o’clock to eat lunch just so I can enjoy my lunch all by myself (usually while watching TV). This also includes eating any sweets (sometimes their sweets) without having any questions or having to share with anyone.

TV… When my daughter was about 9 months old, my husband was watching The Simpsons. I looked over at my daughter and she was staring at the TV and taking in every word that was being said. That began our time of censoring what is watched during kid time. I was actually at a party recently and was asked if I had seen something that had been on the news. I responded with “if it didn’t happen on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I didn’t see it.”

Facebook/Blogs… When I’m with my kids, I feel SUPER guilty if I am looking at my phone. So while the kiddos are asleep, I look at everyone else’s super cute kid pictures or read my favorite blog posts. I learn about all the crafts I wish I could do and how to be a super mom, and how to not care if I’m not super mom. And don’t even get me started on Pinterest!! Love it!! So keep posting! I love catching up on what everyone is doing!

Go outside… I LOVE being outside. Summer is my favorite season. I could spend my life outside. But sometimes, it’s exhausting to go outside with kids. Getting shoes on and sunscreen and hats and a blanket for the baby. Then standing and pushing a swing the whole time isn’t always my idea of a relaxing time outside. So I spend a lot of nap times out, sitting in a lawn chair and soaking up the sun! A little vitamin D makes me a better mama!

Sleep… This is probably the most obvious, but I’ll put it on here anyway. Who doesn’t like to catch a few uninterrupted ZZZ’s? Sleeping while the kids are sleeping is great. But sleeping while the kids are away, perhaps at the grandparents, is even better. Just the peace of mind of knowing that no one is going to wake up in the middle of the night, or come in at 6AM wanting to lay in Mommy and Daddy’s bed is relaxing. Someday we’ll sleep… all night and wake up after the sun comes up… what a glorious day that will be!

So here’s to our Secret Mom Behavior! It’s a great way to do something for yourself every once in a while.

What are some of YOUR Secret Mom Behavior?


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