SAHM & College Grad: Why I Still Graduated

Ever asked yourself why a stay at home mom decided to even go to college? Maybe you wonder if they always knew they wanted to stay home or if they only decided once they had kids?

Lets be honest, college is no joke. You pay boo-koo bucks, study, take tests, and repeat. To some, it may come natural. Others may consider it a form of torture for four plus years of their life. Regardless, college is hard work.

So why would you even go to college if you dream of being a stay at home mom someday? For me, it was easy.

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Why I Wanted That Bachelor’s Status:

1. I wanted to show my ‘someday kids’ that no matter what, college or trade school is important.

Education is a valuable tool that we are privileged to experience here in this country. There are studies that prove that income for college graduates far exceed the income of high school graduates (U.S. News).

2. I won’t always be child rearing.

Someday I will rejoin the workforce whether that be in a physical job or an online job. Whether I work for myself or for someone else. The tools I have learned and the degree I have received will benefit me in my future.

3. I didn’t know for a fact that the ability to be a stay at home mom was even going to be an option.

At first I didn’t think it would be possible. But with a rough pregnancy and being put on bed rest we learned to live on one income. We did it for almost 9 months and it became the new norm. Had I not been dealt that hand, I may not have had the same opportunity.

4. You always need a back up plan.

Tough times are inevitable. God forbid something happen to my husband or he loose his job, I may be the back up plan. The future cannot be predicted and because of this we need to be prepared. Having a college degree would give me the opportunity to enter the workforce with an advantage if I had to provide for my family.

5. I did it for myself.

To say I accomplished something of that magnitude is worth every penny to me. I pushed myself beyond what I ever thought I was capable of and I reached those goals of an Associates and Bachelor’s degree. Not to mention, I became the first person to graduate in my family which made the goal even sweeter.

While it took me forever and I had trials and tribulations of plenty, it was worth it. I walked across that stage in May 2016 proudly and pregnant (unbeknownst to us!) It’s like everything had come full circle. The future babies I pushed on for were now becoming a reality.

So to the people who wonder why I ‘wasted all that money’ on an education. This is for you. I had my own reasons and I don’t regret my decision one bit! In fact I am pretty darn proud of it!

Has anyone ever asked you about going to college and being a SAHM? What were your reasons for attending college when you had a dream of staying at home?

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    Kelly Koutahi November 17, 2017 at 8:15 pm #

    Education of any kind is always an investment for “Future You” – and you never know what opportunity will come your way, and lo and behold, a bachelor’s degree is required for it. Sometimes, like with your episode of bed rest, life throws in some detours, but that degree is something no one can ever take away from you and it will be there to build on in the future. Congratulations on earning your degrees! Nice post!

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