Peace Out, Elementary School…


I am ready to ride off into the sunset and never look back!

My youngest child will be leaving elementary school in one month, and I have serious mom senioritis. When my oldest was venturing out into the world of middle school, I was a sobbing mess. Therefore, I have been emotionally preparing myself for the last year or so for the end of our elementary school career. But honestly, I can’t wait to be done.

I tried. I really did.

I have attended most of the parties, been homeroom mom for his class 3 times, and volunteered when I could. We have brought in what seems like 3,000 glue sticks, supported the “Fun” Run (which was fun…the first 2 times) and dutifully donated to BINGO night, the canned food drive, the change drive, and the millions of other events and fundraisers that clutter up each school year.

Now I am ready to ride off into the sunset and let him have a little more independence. The last couple of years have made it clear that we have outgrown elementary school, and we are ready to stretch our wings.

As we look to the future, middle school and high school seem like a taste of freedom. Not having to walk in silent straight lines in the hallway, being able to be in advanced classes that will challenge him more, and the freedom to talk at lunch all sound amazing to my sweet 10-year-old son. He can’t wait for the opportunity to play sports, and to get to join the band. He is excited about the array of electives in front of him, and he is ready for the responsibility. 

Selfishly, I am just ready to be done with all of the “extras”. 

I have had a child in elementary school for 9 years now. I was ultra-ready for school when my daughter started kindergarten. I made the perfect cupcakes for each class party, I helped with costumes for the class musical, and we showed up to all the carnivals and book fairs. I was a Pinterest mom before Pinterest was around.

But in the last 9 years, the expectations of parents have changed. They have at least doubled the number of events from our first 2 years in elementary school. There are more fundraisers, more flyers, and more opportunities to buy an insane amount of t-shirts. We have literally been there, done that, AND gotten the t-shirt. I can’t take it anymore!

So I am excited to be done. I can’t wait to graduate from elementary school and let the mental load and the remnants of mom guilt from my senioritis fade into oblivion. To you moms who are just starting out, I hope you enjoy it. And I hope you know that just because they send a flyer home bribing your child with a plastic trinket if they deliver the goods, you don’t have to say yes to all the things.

I happily pass my torch to the younger moms, and I hope you soak up as much joy from your kids as I have, while we served our time.

Peace out, elementary school. 

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