Taking some Me Time with a good book

Indulging in Me Time

Me Time. Is it selfish or a necessary part of a mom’s life to keep her well balanced? For me it’s definitely a necessity. I love being a mom, but I also need activity away from my family that allows me to stretch my brain beyond memorizing all the My Little Pony characters and reminding […]

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Happy Halloween

Halloween Highlights

Halloween is a holiday that I really like…until I see spiders, cobwebs, bats and other scary creatures all around.  I guess I should re-phrase and say I’m really in it for the candy.  And the apple cider.  And caramel apples. It does seem though that kids are so overloaded with pre-Halloween activities that not many […]

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Meet Morgandi, Angie, Courtney & Jenna!

Morgandi Lashley : Hello, fellow OKC moms! I was born and raised in the great state of Oklahoma, and have had the pleasure of spending the majority of my life in the metro area. After finishing college, I lived in Chicago for four years and Cleveland for one year. During that time, when I wasn’t shoveling […]

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Meet Anna, Katie & Whitney!

Anna Ingle : Anna is a born and raised Arkansan, transplanted to OKC for her husband’s job in January. She has 3 fantastic kiddos who are currently three and under. Although she has never taught in the school system, her degree is Family and Consumer Sciences Education is put to use every day in her full […]

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Meet Kara, Carrie & Jeana!

Kara Carrero : Kara is a former secondary education teacher, turned mom, homeschooler, and entrepreneur. She is passionate about the environment and supporting local!  Her family practices a natural, low-impact, and organic lifestyle. She has combined all of her passions into a journey in blogging and shares them at ALLterNATIVElearning and ALLterNATIVEliving. She is excited to more deeply connect with this […]

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Meet Erin & Maria!

Many of you might have seen our Facebook page with how we have been introducing our co-founders and contributors!  In case you missed it, here’s a recap of our two co-founders that have combined their love of blogging with a passion for the place they call home. Meet Erin Cornell: Erin loves staying at home with […]

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To New Beginnings!

I don’t really like change.  I’m one of those people that could do the same thing day in and day out and rarely would I get frustrated and want to do something different.  I like the routine – knowing what I’m doing and having the familiarity of it all. But change can be good…and I’m […]

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