snowman on tree

Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt dough ornaments are such a fun and easy holiday craft! In fact, I’m making this a Christmas tradition in our house, because I want a tree full of 20 years worth of these homemade darlings. I’m NOT a crafty person, in fact, my husband calls my craft projects, “Arts and Craps.” I know – […]

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a stroller.  a potty.  a set of drawers.  reusable bags.

Junk In My Trunk {Organized Space}

Hello, my name is Anna, and I have a messy van.  We’re talking old cups, trail mix crumbs, magna doodles, cars, books, target stickers, etc.  Can I get an AMEN?!  Even when I give it the very best cleaning I can while my kiddos are napping, as soon as we all pile in for our […]

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1st Annual Holiday Photo Contest!

The holiday season is upon us and we are all filling our calendars with trips to see Santa, baking with the family, and Christmas parties galore. Whatever you & your family enjoy doing this holiday, we want you to share it with us! We decided that since this time of year is full of great […]

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We love Christmas treats!

A Favorite Holiday Tradition…the Treats!

I love getting together with my family for Christmas. Not only do we stuff our bellies full with my grandma’s fabulous cooking, but we fill our day (and usually the following days after) with lots and lots of games. But while we are laughing and trying to beat each other, one of my favorite things […]

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2014 Mom Fashion Trends

This time of the year I always Google the next year’s fashion trends. Sometimes I’m surprised, sometimes not so much. This year I’m surprised! The fashion trends for 2014 are flowy, big and busy – I’d even go towards saying frumpy and mirroring the 80’s somewhat with the big baggy pants and thick soled flip […]

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new snowman 5

Q-Tip Snowman Craft and Learning Tool

I love activities with kids that offer up a fun and educational benefit all-in-one! Lately, my son Noah, has been obsessed with drawing “family portraits”, and like most young kids, the picture of the family members do not always have a nose, two arms, body, or even legs. Making a snowman with a few simple […]

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Diapering options

Alternative Diapering Options

Whether you are looking to save money, save your baby’s bum from chemicals in diapers, or save the environment, there is an alternative cloth diapering option for you! All of them are great reasons and are healthy for both baby and the environment. Plus with our great resources in the OKC metro, there is something for […]

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Custom made just for her.

The Day Pinterest Failed Me

When I’m sick of the decor in a room, I immediately hop on Pinterest to see what sort of ideas I can re-create in my home.  I had been on a big kick with transitioning my son’s room from a random nursery to a big boy room complete with trains, cars and airplanes.  He loved […]

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