Babysitter Notes

Free Printables!

Happy Sunday to you mamas of OKC!!  We are so excited about this because we all know it’s nice to have a little something to help us stay organized – especially with starting a new week!  While us moms wish we could keep everything straight in our head, sometimes it just doesn’t work out that […]

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Get in the photo, moms!

Hand over the camera, moms!

Every time that my sister and I are at my parent’s house, we pull out our family photo albums and thumb through the pages and relive the memories of our youth. It’s funny to see old haircuts and exciting to see our favorite toys from decades ago. Anybody else embarrassed of their middle school photos? […]

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Sports Talk

At what age should your child begin playing competitive sports?  My son is a sports kid who would play any sport, any time if we let him. He probably dreams of sports when he sleeps! So, when he wanted to start playing at the age of 3, I knew we were headed in to the world […]

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Mims Bakery Logo

Mim’s Bakery {Sponsored}

As someone with a self proclaimed sweet tooth, Emily Karlovitz found it hard to fulfill this desire when she became a vegan; so she experimented with recipes and ingredients and found ways to make vegan treats just as delicious without the animal products. Today she owns the OKC local business, Mim’s Bakery. She offers granola, […]

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Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Dates

Hi, my name is Carrie and my husband and I haven’t been out since our daughter was born. Well that’s not technically true, we’ve been to two weddings, thanks to our friends who have two kids that have each wed this year. On a side note, aren’t weddings the best dates… free food, cake, drinks […]

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Tupperware {Giveaway!}

Tupperware has been around for ages.  Your mom used it, your grandma used it and YOU more than likely use it. Tupperware offers storage, organization and cooking solutions through their BPA FREE products.  Check out this giveaway for a Mini Tea Set – for your adorable princess {or prince!} to play with and the Ideal Lit’l […]

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Toddler and Preschool Curriculum

I am going to start this post by loudly saying, I am not an expert in homeschooling, teaching, parenting, or anything really, so when I talk about lessons and curriculum, it’s just what I’ve found that works for us. Last year when I began my “stay at home mom journey”, I knew I wanted to incorporate some […]

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Let’s All Swim {Sponsored}

Despite the cold weather we have been experiencing, Spring is quickly approaching and approximately 2 months away. This means more time around pools, lakes, and even oceans for many families. In order to prepare you and your children to be around the water, swimming lessons are a great way to build confidence and learn the […]

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