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Birthday Traditions

Over the years I have absolutely enjoyed planning my children’s birthdays.   As soon as one is over, I start thinking about planning for the next one.  It’s not that I am rushing them to get older, I enjoy celebrating their birth year after year. From the beginning I wanted to make my children’s birthdays special.  […]

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HiPad (300 x 225)

Too Much Technology!

Today’s times revolve so much around technology.  I have a four and two year old and already they know how to navigate the iPhone better than I do.  Their favorite past time is to watch the iPad and it feels like I’m constantly being begged to “watch something.”  I wish I could say that I […]

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O Tantrum Bomb!

O Tantrum Bomb! O Tantrum Bomb! How crazy are your fits. Your pouty lips. Your crying eyes. Your fits of rage And yells & cries. O Tantrum Bomb! O Tantrum Bomb! I really hate your fits. Fits of rage spewing from a toddler are one of the ugliest things ever. I once heard someone say […]

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Caroline doing puzzles.

What I Love About This Age

I think that every stage that Caroline has gone through I have said is my favorite, but this stage really is my favorite. Caroline is almost a year and a half old. She is so cute and so independent but not at the same time. Here are some things that I’m loving about this age right […]

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Marked Logo - Vertical

Marked 2014

Have you or your family been looking for ways to serve others or make a difference in our city? Maybe it was your New Years resolution to find an area of volunteer work that you or your children could be involved in? Often I hear about an issue and I think, “But what can I […]

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