Easter Bunny Cake

My Grandmother used to make a bunny cake for Easter when I was a little girl. I know family traditions are usually reserved for holidays like Christmas or birthdays, but the bunny cake is one memory I wanted to pass down to my daughter. I’m no chef or baking pro either so trust me….it’s pretty […]

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Buying clothes at consignment sales can ease the financial burden of buying clothes for the next season.

Changing of the Seasons

Changing of the seasons can be overwhelming when you are talking about kid’s clothing.  They need a whole new wardrobe every season:  socks, shoes, pajamas, shirts, pants/shorts, skirts, dresses, play clothes, nice clothes.  The list is endless. It is a huge undertaking if you have clothes in storage that have been handed down from one […]

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Double Occupancy

**April is Multiple Birth Awareness Month. Multiples of America is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families of multiple birth children through education, research, and networking. In partnering with local support groups, health care providers, researchers, and educators, and with the highest standards of integrity, respect and professionalism, we endeavor to aid parents of multiples and to […]

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swimwear boy

Little Boys’ Swimwear

Sometimes I think life would be so much easier as a boy… you could shave your head and no one would think twice about it; you wouldn’t have to shave any other area of your body; regardless of the fashion trend, the majority of your clothes are not skin tight; and your swimsuit (unless you […]

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Raising A Reader

Does anyone else get excited over ALL the books when they walk into a library? Sometimes I actually get a little sad when I think about the awesome books that I know are hidden on the shelf that I might never discover! Maybe that’s a little weird, but I love to read. I had a […]

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