The BEST Hot Chocolate in OKC

OKC's Best Hot Chocolate Spots! (1)

While some people love coffee, I have a passion for hot chocolate. I will freely admit that I am a hot chocolate snob! Every year on my birthday, that is all I ask for – a wonderful, deliciously rich, hot chocolate.  Although many places sell hot chocolate in the area, a handful of places truly stand out.

Since it’s “Tis the Season” to enjoy a delicious cup of hot cocoa, sing carols and cuddle up in merry conversation, I wanted to share with you my favorite places in OKC that actually make their own hot chocolate!  And let me just say, as I’m sure you know, there is a HUGE difference in homemade hot chocolate verses prepackaged mixes.  One is okay and will get you through but the other – oh, my! The other excites the taste buds in such a way that you will never want the prepackaged stuff again!

So without further adieu, here are my top OKC Hot Chocolate Spots!

Vintage Coffee

Vintage Coffee’s homemade mix is what I consider classic hot chocolate.  Pure and simple and made with milk, it hits the hot chocolate craving.  For a little more pizzazz add in a flavor like caramel or any other of the many choices and then a little whipped cream on top.  The fact that this hot chocolate is organic, gives it major bonus points in my book.

Vintage Coffee


Being a chocolate lover, CocoFlow was and is one of my favorite spots in the area to get amazingly, delicious hot chocolate.  Sadly, they do not currently have any retail locations open BUT they will be at the Winter Shops from Thanksgiving weekend until the weekend before Christmas.  There you may purchase rich, truly chocolately hot chocolate to enjoy right there and/or purchase your own personal mix to take home. Watch a video of how they make it!



La Oaxaqueña Bakery

La Oaxaqueña’s has the most DE-licious Mexican hot chocolate around!  Oh my, it is seriously worth just sitting and letting all your senses take in the presentation of the hot chocolate in the beautiful mug, the aroma wafting up enticing you to take a sip before it’s cool enough and then relaxing while you slowly sip and relish the cinnamon that perfectly balances out the chocolate that was melted and then mixed with milk and other wonderful ingredients. Pair the hot chocolate with one of their freshly made bakery items like this concha or a churro to indulge your taste buds even more.

La Oaxaqueña Bakery


With so many wonderful flavorful hot chocolate combinations, you are sure to find one that makes your taste buds dance with excitement.  My personal favorite is lavendar hot chocolate.  I never thought I would like it and only got it out of curiosity but the infusion of lavender and chocolate is such a wonderful surprise that now every time I smell lavender I will crave hot chocolate.  The variety of flavors added to the classic homemade hot chocolate option is quite long.  A homemade marshmallow is added to the chocolate mix of cocoa powder and melted chocolate to create all the wonderful flavors. Katiebugs gets bonus points for being not only having organic hot chocolate but organic marshmallows too!



The Castle Falls

You will not find hot chocolate any where on the menu at Castle Falls, but if you ask nicely, the chef will whip up THE most divine hot chocolate.  His secret comes in the form of melting a chocolate bar slowly over the stove and then instead of using milk, he uses CREAM!!!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  It is truly a treat that the chef enjoys letting his patrons indulge in.

Enjoy touring the city while your taste buds enjoy the flavors of the season!

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  1. Avatar
    Hannah December 23, 2015 at 1:50 pm #

    I’m with you on the hot chocolate, though I usually make my own variation of Hershey’s single serve “Perfectly Chocolate” cocoa on the side of the cocoa powder box. It’s best with milk, not water, and a tiny dash of cinnamon, in my opinion 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Emily December 23, 2015 at 3:30 pm #

    I’m with you! Katiebugs is the best!!

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