Why I Say “NO!” To New Year’s Resolutions

unnamed-1Does your New Year’s resolution list read sort of like a global to-do list? You’ve resolved to change your diet, exercise more, travel to new places, finish a big creative project, make creative lunches for your child and write consistent notes to them, have dinner ready from scratch every night for your family, etc. Why do we resolve to be better by doing more? Why not resolve to focus on ONE THING every year and create your season of life theme on that one thing instead? I say, “NO!” to New Year’s Resolutions and “YES!” to focus.

When I was a new mom and wife I changed my resolutions to things that added more onto my plate rather than focusing on one thing that was genuinely attainable for that year. I thought I needed to be better and do better by being more and doing more, that left me feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and frustrated throughout the year. I felt like I wasn’t measuring up and I had no one to blame but myself because I put these expectations on myself that I disguised as “resolutions”. Why do we do this? How can we stop?

2009 is when I declared and committed to say “NO!” to New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, I said a hearty and committed “YES!” to choosing one word that would resonate with me and become my theme for the year. I would focus on that ONE thing and live it out.

2009 – Boundaries

2010 – Saying “NO” to people pleasing

2011 – Joy

2012 – Authenticity (Living it out, being it, and embracing who I am in my own skin)

2013- Health

2014 – Time (Investment of where my time went and to whom)

2015 – Empowerment (My marriage, myself, my dreams, my family, my friendships)

Here are 3 pieces of unsolicited but encouraging pieces of advice to inspire you to FOCUS on the ONE thing for 2016:

  1. Be disciplined about what you are choosing to take on and why. Guarding your focus matters when you choose to say “No!” to resolutions and “Yes!” to resolve and focus.
  2. Be crystal clear with yourself on what you really want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. Creating a do-able game plan is essential and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple, doable, and focused.
  3. Be fully aware of the word or action you choose as your “ONE” thing. Remember, a resolution is something you make; resolve is something you have. You have it in you to choose what one thing you can focus on for 2016 and actually reach it without adding more onto your already full plate of life. Being aware of your “ONE” thing becomes a lifestyle that you end up living out.

Here’s the bottom line: You need to commit. You need to choose an intentional process that will make you better and not a set of goals that you may never meet. A new way of living will bring different results.


Show up and give yourself some grace! If you stay focused and cultivate your “ONE” thing, you will reap a harvest that will make your new year just that … New! Don’t deplete your energy by adding more onto your plate at the beginning of a new year. unnamed-2

What about you? Will you choose to say “No!” to resolutions and instead say “Yes!” to resolve? What will your theme word be for 2016? We want to know, you inspire us too!

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