No, I Really DON’T Need to Try Again for a Girl.

I am a boy mom, and incredibly proud to be one. The privilege of being tasked with raising kind, compassionate, brave little gentlemen is something I do not take lightly. Plus, I always said that sororities weren’t my thing, but I’d join a fraternity if that was allowed. Now, I basically live in my own fraternity – a wish come true!

I have never been a super “girly” girl. I spend less than ten minutes fixing my hair every day, use the least amount of makeup possible to still make me look presentable, and you’ll be shocked to see me with a manicure or wearing high heels. Because of this, I always knew I’d love to have boys. Give me all the #boymom attire, please!

So often I am met with the same responses when people find out I have only boys. “Oh, you have to try one more time so you can get your girl.” “When are you going to try again for a girl?” “You CAN’T just have boys. You need to try again to see if you’ll have a girl.” I know all of these comments are said with good intentions, and I know that if I did one day have a little girl I would be so in love with her!

BUT. Let me tell you just why I do NOT think I need to try again to have a girl.

1. Girls can’t pee outside.

Or into a water bottle in the back of your car when you’re in a public place without a public restroom. I won’t say potty training my three-year-old was easy, but the fact that he could go out onto the porch to pee whenever necessary definitely helped the process along. Also, they rarely have to touch public toilets – THANK GOODNESS!

2. You don’t have to do much with their hair.

Remember when I said I barely spend any time on my hair? Thankfully I can slap a little water and hairspray on their bedhead and tame it pretty well. I don’t have to mess with ponytails and hair bows and all of the other cute options out there – the choices would overwhelm me!

3. Too many clothing options.

Again, I don’t like to have to put a ton of thought into what I’m wearing (yoga pants, yes please!), so I can only imagine if I had dresses and leggings and cardigans and jackets and scarves, etc. to choose from when dressing my little girl. We throw on some soft pants and a soft shirt, hope it matches, and call it a day! As long as they’re comfy and can easily crawl all over the ground, they’re happy.

4. Weddings are expensive.

Bridesmaids are dramatic. That’s all I will say about that.

5. Nobody loves their mama quite like a little boy.

They’re messy and wild and loud, but the love they have for their moms is like none other, and nothing can ever replace that. 

So, no, I don’t really need to try again for a girl. I’m as happy as can be with these boys of mine, living in my own little version of a frat house.


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