Music to My Ears: Back to School

There are moms that dread the kids going back to school.

Each day of summer break has been glorious. Three gourmet meals a day, splash pads, zoo trips, Science museum, play dates, and of course, structured learning activities.

And then there are moms like me.

Laying around in the same yoga pants for two days, frozen chicken nuggets, LOTS of screen time, and the only math we did was figuring how long to heat up 10 pizza rolls. I may or may not have an advent calendar for the first day of school.

Regardless of how your summer break went, I think we can all agree on that one phrase that brings music to moms’ ears this time of year…


When I was a mom of two, I dreaded the end of summer.

Now that I have four kids, there are so many things to love about the kids going back to school.

1. Back to school shopping

I love back to school shopping, especially when I can get most things on Amazon. But the joy and excitement in my little one’s eyes when they pick the perfect backpack spark joy within me. Having that brand new unicorn backpack is pretty cool, and makes walking in that first day a little easier.

2. Routine

Having a set bedtime is just healthy for everyone. I tend to stay up way too late in the summer. Going to bed earlier because I know I have to wake up earlier is not only healthy, but seriously helps with my own sanity. Knowing I am showered and dressed for the day by 7:30 makes my entire day run much more smoothly. 

3. Snacks Slow down

My bank account and waistline will both get a break now that the small human garbage disposals are back in school all day. Seriously, how many Rice Krispies does it take to fill up a four-year-old? Asking for a friend.

4. Guilt goes away (okay, to a degree)

Running a home-based business made me feel guilty this summer. I have orders to fill and most have a deadline. And not being able to stop and play Barbies each time my girls ask broke my heart. But now that I get my time back, I can devote work hours to their school hours. 

Let me be real, back to school means at least a few hours of sanity for us stay at home mamas.

I can get back to my lunch dates with my friends whose kids are grown. I’ve missed adult lunches. Not that Chick-Fil-A doesn’t totally rock. I mean, it’s Jesus’s chicken. What’s not to love?

And no longer having to endure Peppa Pig, Frozen, or The Greatest Showman over and over and over, is more than enough reason to celebrate back to school.

So here’s to the moms everywhere that survived another summer.

What’s the first thing you are going to do with your free time?


2 Responses to Music to My Ears: Back to School

  1. Avatar
    Carie August 13, 2019 at 11:40 am #

    Sooooo true- ALL OF IT! I am a working mom- only one left at home- and a Senior at that!! This was my last real summer break!! Guilt that we did not do enough ( I work full time)- but so happy we had one more summer together where I did not have to compete schedules with work, summer jobs and their busy lives!
    Sending one off to collage was easy- working through these “lasts”- last first day of school, last back to school shopping ( opted out on the unicorn backpack!!) and the last year of high school is difficult.

    Ohhhh, but I will have the house to myself on Wednesday!!!! All to myself!!! And lunch dates with friends??? We need to talk about that!!!!!

    • bethgentry
      bethgentry August 13, 2019 at 2:17 pm #

      Mom- you really need lunch dates with girlfriends, like REALLY! 😃. You deserve one or two a week 😉
      Congratulations on surviving the school year(s)!!!
      You give me much needed hope!

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