Mom of the Month: Senator Julia Kirt {February 2019}

We love our mom of the month series! Do you know a special mom in our community who deserves some special recognition? Fill out the form and nominate a mom you know here! Thank you to True Sky Credit Union for partnering with us to provide a special gift to our Mom of the Month! 

We are excited to introduce our February 2019 Mom of the Month, Senator Julia Kirt! 

Julia was nominated byher husband, Nathan Guilford. Here’s what Nathan had to say about his wife! 

I’m nominating my wife as OKCMB Mom of the Month beacuse she works so hard to make our community better while being a great mom to our 6 and 10 year old at the same time. She led parents at our children’s school in restoring the art program after budget cuts left us without one. Then she helped start a new initiative to connect all OKCPS students to community arts groups because she didn’t want our kids to be the only ones to benefit. Now she’s showing our kids how to be civically engaged and make our state better by running for State Senate in NW OKC!” 

Let’s get to know Julia! 

How many children do you have and what are their ages? 

2 kids, Roger (11) and Lila (7)

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? 

I delight in my kids connecting with the world. When they come up with something creative, talk to a new person, or show their own love, I am blown away! 

What has been the most challenging thing about being a mom? 

Never feeling like I’m supporting my kids enough, but trying to find the balance of empowering them to learn and grow on their own.    

What could you not survive without as a mom? 

Science Museum membership, my bookclub, Sacred Space, and my loving and engaged husband Nathan Guilford as my co-parent.   

What is your proudest mom moment? 

During my state senate campaign, the kids supported me so much. They wanted to learn more about serving the community, helped with the campaign and were understanding about me being gone. I’ll never forget when I overheard my daughter proudly explaining why I was running for office: “She wants to help people!”. 

Julia, we recognize you as one amazing mama! We hope you enjoy your gift card from True Sky Credit Union! Congrats on being our February Mom of the Month! 


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