Mom of the Month: Meredeth Duncan {November 2018}

We are loving our mom of the month series! Do you know a special mom in our community who deserves some special recognition? Fill out the form and nominate a mom you know here! Thank you to True Sky Credit Union for partnering with us to provide a special gift to our Mom of the Month! 

We are excited to introduce our November 2018 Mom of the Month, Meredeth Duncan! 

Thank you to our friends at True Sky Credit Union for presenting our mom of the month with a $100 gift card!

Meredeth was nominated by her friend, Mackenzie Keck. Here’s what Mackenzie had to say about her sweet friend! 

Meredeth is one of the most selfless people I know. In addition to being a super fun mom to her own 2 kids (2 and 9 months), she is the first to offer to help anytime another mom needs help. I have a 3 year old and 3 month old twins. I would not have survived pregnancy or these first 3 months without her. She babysat my son for all of my doctors appointments when I was pregnant, has sent coffee to my house, delivered groceries, cooked meals, pumps milk for my twins in addition to feeding her own daughter, daily checks up on us and will come over at the drop of a hat if we are having a rough day. Not related, but she is also an amazing photographer and somehow manages to get great pictures of my very stubborn 3 year old.

Let’s get to know Meredeth! 

How many children do you have and what are their ages? 

2 kids. Moses, age 2 and Daisy, age 1

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? 

I love hearing my kids laugh! They find joy and happiness in simple, sweet things and they always remind me how to be silly. When they laugh, I have to laugh too no matter how stressful the day is. 

What has been the most challenging thing about being a mom? 

I feel like I never am doing enough or giving enough to my family. I need more than 24 hours in a day, please.  

What could you not survive without as a mom? 

Definitely Jesus. There are days all I can do is pray constantly through the tantrums and sleep deprivation. My husband is very , very handsome and he helps through so many hard mama moments. And, of course, my parent friends. I have so many amazing group texts where I can be real and honest and there is no judgement. (Okay, also dry shampoo and coffee and crock pot meals.) 

What is your proudest mom moment? 

Every time my kids play together or snuggle or share toys. Every time I see their little hearts open to each other is amazing. 

Meredeth, we recognize you as one amazing mama! We hope you enjoy your gift card from True Sky Credit Union! Congrats on being our November Mom of the Month! 

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