Mom of the Month: Brooke Mowdy {January 2019}

We love our mom of the month series! Do you know a special mom in our community who deserves some special recognition? Fill out the form and nominate a mom you know here! Thank you to True Sky Credit Union for partnering with us to provide a special gift to our Mom of the Month! 

We are excited to introduce our January 2019 Mom of the Month, Brooke Mowdy! 

Brooke was nominated by her friend, Clancey Stewart. Here’s what Clancey had to say about her sweet friend! 

Brooke has always had a passion for helping others. I know this because she’s my cousin. Growing up as close friends, I got to witness her compassion first hand. Brooke became a NICU nurse where she poured her heart and strength into loving and caring for hundreds of tiny babies over the years. But now, Brooke is a NICU parent. This week she had her own triplets at 33 weeks. They are healthy and doing as well as a 33 weeker can, but Brooke is going to need all the help she can get. I am nominating her because of her compassion for others a nurse and her strength as a mother.

Let’s get to know Brooke! 

Brooke with her 3 brand new babies and her 3 year old son

How many children do you have and what are their ages? 

Slade (3), Stella (1 month), Ace (1 month), Knox (1 month)

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? 

My favorite thing about being a mom is watching my children learn and grow each day. I’m amazed at how quickly a 3 year old can learn and how fun his personality is to watch develop. I love cuddling my babies and soaking in all the sweet moments. 

What has been the most challenging thing about being a mom? 

For me, definitely learning to divide my time equally. My little boy is used to being an only child and the triplet newborns take a lot of my time, so I’m juggling making him feel special while taking care of my newborns.   

What could you not survive without as a mom? 

My church family and my mom. My mom has offered to come to my house to help with daily chores as well as helping with all my children. My church family lifts me up daily. They have been so supportive with my hospital stay this fall as well as when the triplets were in the NICU.  

What is your proudest mom moment? 

Hearing my triplets cry in the operating room during my c-section. The pregnancy was scary, dangerous, and full of unknowns. I was hospitalized at 28 weeks for pre-term labor. When I made it to 32+5 weeks and all my babies were born breathing and crying, I knew it was all worth it!

Brooke, we recognize you as one amazing mama! We hope you enjoy your gift card from True Sky Credit Union! Congrats on being our January Mom of the Month! 


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