Mom Moments to Remember

Mom Moments to Remember (2)

Life goes so fast. Doesn’t it? It seems like an endless stream of feeding, diapering, bathing, sleeping. Then one day you look up and two years has flown by! Every once in a while I get a small moment that I want to remember forever. It’s the little things that makes me smile.

I want to remember the little clothes hanging up in Caroline’s closet. One day I know that closet will house my craft items or extra board games, or it will be the perfect guest closet and I will wonder where the days of trying to find a tiny hanger for that sweet blue and yellow dress went.

I want to remember the way that Benjamin holds my hand while he has his night time bottle. Benjamin loves his evening bottle and demands that I be the only one that give it to him. Sometimes that gets super exhausting. But when I’m sitting in the rocking chair holding him and he reaches out and grabs my hand all of my to-do lists just fade away.

I want to remember the sounds of the kids laughing and playing. My kids really really enjoy hanging out with each other. Benjamin is in the phase where he is imitating everything that everyone does. Caroline thinks this is the greatest thing! She loves making Benjamin laugh. I love hearing them play! I know one day our house will be so quiet and I will miss those sweet sounds.

I want to remember how silly my kids are. I know that one day they will be too cool for school. I love their little laughs and uninhibited silliness! I secretly hope that they never get to be too cool!

I want to remember their sweet hugs and kisses. Just today Caroline told me “I love you and take care of you mama”. Benjamin gives me those sweet slobbery baby kisses. I will kiss them and hug them as long as they’ll still let me.

One day our house will be quiet. We will be able to go anywhere we want whenever we want. My carpet won’t be covered with toys and my kitchen floor won’t need to be swept after every meal. I will feel well rested and be able to enjoy a full meal without little hands in my food. I will enjoy that time as well, but for now, I will live in this moment. I will embrace my weariness. After all, I’m weary from the joy of playing and loving too much!


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