Top 10 Reasons to Love your 40’s (Love Your Decade Series)


The truth is, I have 4 months, 14 days, and a few hours before I’m actually 40.  But, that being said, I’m not dreading it like most people do.  I’m kinda excited about it.  I loved my 30’s.  So 40’s have to be even better right?!?!  I’m not going to shy away from them.  I’m going to embrace them! I have a few friends who have already taken the 40 plunge so I picked their brains to come up with this top 10.

Lets do this!

1.  More wisdom  It’s not an old wives tale.  You truly do get older and wiser.  And knowledge is wealth.  You’ve been through a lot by the time you enter your 40’s.  And hopefully you’ve learned from all those “young person” mistakes.  Share the wealth.  Help out those younger mama’s with the fear in their eyes that they won’t make it through the day, or the very long night.

2. You hit the empty nest or are close to it. We work hard as mom’s, keeping our little ones from getting run over, hitting their heads on the coffee table or fireplace, and choking on whole grapes.  The good news is, there really is light at the end of the tunnel; we get a break.  It’s just a decade away, hang in there!

3.  Better sex.  Okay, so I of course don’t know this one first hand since I’m not *yet* 40, but this answer came up the most from my mom friends that are 40+, so it has to be true.

4.  You get to sleep in.  A lot. Lets face it.  Once your kids hit age 12, they sleep and they sleep a lot.  So guess what that means?  You do too!

5.  Your “Care about what other’s think” o-meter is stuck at 0Mine edged downward every year I ticked off in my 30’s.  Its a great thing to know who you are, and to not apologize for it.  The opinions of others become less and less important,  until you realize the only opinion that matters is your own.  Be true to yourself.

6.  Better sex.  Again, more than one person said this.

7.  You get to trade in the mini van.  You won’t always need removable seats, a sliding door you can open with just a push of a button, and room for all the snacks, electronic devices, and diaper bags.  You’ll get to pick a big girl car!!  I already have my eye on a few.  Once my oldest gets a car, he starts his chauffeuring payback by carting his sisters around.  Mama’s getting her a convertible!

8.  You realize life is short, so you actually make the most of it.  You’re still young!  You start checking off those things you couldn’t do on your bucket list with little ones in tow.

9. Better sex.  That’s 3 times ladies.  Mentioned 3 times, by 3 different people.  It can’t be ignored.  Hello 40’s!

10. You see glimpses of  your hard work paying off.  Those little ones, they grow up, and they become bigger people, with their own ideas, talents, and hearts.  As they grow, so does their character.  And you get to see why you worked so hard to teach them about life, and love.  And you can give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

Love your 40’s my friends.  Don’t be scared of them.  Embrace them!

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