A Love Letter to My Spanx

corset-148410_1280Did anyone else grow up watching old movies?  I am talking about Gone with the Wind, Pride and Prejudice, Meet Me in St. Louis, Sense and Sensibility, and basically anything that came on Turner Classic Movies.  I loved seeing all of the beautiful dresses and observing their formal manners.  I loved watching how men courted the women and danced dances that involved stepping towards one another and giving gentle high fives.  Another thing I always noticed and was completely enticed by were the corsets.  I can remember sitting in front of the TV and thinking, someday I too, will wear a corset.  Fast forward ten years to when I was learning about fashion in my Home Economics class and we were discussing how those intriguing corsets also caused crushed ribs and damage to the intestines…cue bursting of this little girl’s bubble.  Don’t worry, I’m fully aware that I was most likely the only child having these thoughts (if that is not the case, please acknowledge so in the comments).  But it did start me on my journey to find the essential love of my wardrobe life, Spanx .

Dear Spanx,

I don’t know if you are aware of how much you mean to me.  Really, life is not the same when I don’t have you with me.  You see, we are a team.  We work together to take on each new day.   I know we struggle and fight; every relationship does.  We work and pull and tug until we get it all figured out.  Sometimes I have hurt you, I know I have. I see you ripping at the seams, trying to tell me I’ve been too harsh, and I’m sorry.  I’m not trying to replace you, but I need you to be stronger for me if we are going to go the distance.  

Just think of all that we have endured together.  You walked across the stage with me for graduation.  You were there with me on my wedding day.  And after my children were born, I needed you to help me and you did.  You helped ease the insecurities of my new normal.  I don’t know how I could have made it out of those maternity pants without you.  Grocery shopping? You were there.  Going to church?  You were there.  Going out on a date?  You were there.  If I ever showed my face in public, you were by my side.  We were almost caught a few times by my husband, but thankfully I was able to wrap up in a robe or slip on a dress before he walked into the room.  Some things, even he doesn’t need to see. 

Sadly, some didn’t see you for what you were.  There were those days where you were trying your best to be strong for me, and someone mistook your strength for my postpartum middle as a baby bump, in spite of the fact that I was clearly holding a newborn baby.  You tried your best, and I do not blame you.  

I hear people talking trash about you.  They think you aren’t worth the trouble.  They get frustrated about you showing out of the bottom of their skirts.  Do they not know that you can be hiked up higher to the appropriate height needed?  They talk about how restricting you can be.  What they call restricting, I call protective.  They whine about having to struggle with you to go to the bathroom.  Have they not noticed the strategically placed hole??  In case of an emergency, they could totally take care of business through that.  

The point is you make me feel like a better woman.  I can’t ever thank you enough.

-Your #1 fan

pantyhose-26751_1280As you can see, I have big feelings for my Spanx.  If you are looking to build a similar relationship, I need to remind you that your needs are different from my needs, so shop around to see which style works best for you.  I, personally, love the Spanx brand Higher Power Short and the Bra-lellujah Racerback.  But there are plenty of off-brand options out there too.  When you go to the spanx rack in the store or look online, you will see that there are TONS of styles and types.  I have found that skirts and tanks ride up.  That is why the security of the shorts is my jam.

And if you have read this post and are wondering where in tarnation these things came from, just know that one really smart lady got crafty with some control top pantyhose and some scissors and millions of women haven’t looked the same since.

Best of luck in finding your perfect fit!!  If you already have, tell us which style you prefer the most!

*Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post for Spanx – I just felt the need to share my love for them!!

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7 Responses to A Love Letter to My Spanx

  1. Avatar
    Paige September 24, 2015 at 7:38 am #

    This craved me up. I, too, loved old movies an corsets :). You are not alone

    • Avatar
      Paige September 24, 2015 at 7:38 am #

      And I meant cracked me up, not craved

    • Avatar
      Anna September 24, 2015 at 7:41 am #

      Oh thank goodness!! Thanks for being a kindred and for reading ?

  2. Avatar
    Sara September 24, 2015 at 1:27 pm #

    Well now, this makes me want to try spanx! I’ve never used them but I am clearly missing out, and now about to have Baby #3, this winter may be the perfect time!

    • Avatar
      Anna September 24, 2015 at 1:38 pm #

      Do it!!! I wore their maternity pantyhose and loved them!


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