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Well friends, it’s hard to believe that we are already in December.  Most likely some of you’ve consumed your turkey and cranberry sauce, been elbowed and stepped on by someone on Black Friday, possibly ventured out for Small Business Saturday, and polished off your list in your pjs for Cyber Monday.  If by chance you are one of the ones who still has a list and you love Oklahoma (or you are looking for some things to add to your wish list), then you are in luck!  I have looked around and tried to find some of our fellow residents who have unique products as well as a few Do-It-Yourself items.

Made By You:

hand embroidered tea towel. locally roasted coffee beans. cute mug.

hand embroidered tea towel. locally roasted coffee beans. cute mug.

One thing I have learned over the years, is that when it comes to gifts for neighbors, friends, or even relatives, consumable goods are best.  Cookies, toffee, almond bark, hot chocolate mix, etc.  Anything that you can eat and not have to find a place for on the shelf is a winner.  This is what I’m doing as my DIY gift this year:  a tea towel I embroidered with the state of OK, Elemental Coffee and a cool mug.  (This mug is one of my own, but if you go to Happy Sandman they have some similar ones)

I painted wooden clothes pins to be super heros.

I painted wooden clothes pins to be super heros.

A great DIY gift for the kiddos in your life is to bust out the old paint brush.  I made these super hero clothes pins for my nephew.  I am not an artist as you can tell, however, when you give a gift like painted clothes pins to a four year old, I expect them to be tossed around and not set on a shelf.  Rest assured that Superman and Batman had capes when I gave them to him.  Now if you like this idea, but do not want to dive in and make them yourself, head over to Wooden Leg Named Smith‘s Etsy shop and snag some of their fantastic peg dolls!

Made By Others:

For those who enjoy the kitchen:

Our favorite Oklahoma gal, The Pioneer Woman, has released a fabulous holiday cookbook!  I would dress it up with a few of these mini rubber scrapers from Williams-Sonoma.  She was actually here a few weeks ago for her book signing and I had mine autographed.

The Pioneer Woman Holiday Cookbook

Chatting it up with Ree.

For those who like jewelry:

I’m in love with everything that the Gleeful Peacock produces. Check out these amazing leather feather earrings that are at the top of my list.  You can shop her etsy storefront or swing by our very own Blue7 and check out what they carry.

Another unique option is Hook Line Sinker.  They do some pretty amazing things with fishing lures.  Go check out their facebook page and see what they are offering.

For those who like decor:

I stumbled upon Frame Worthy Designs the other day and it made me (not an artist, remember?) so envious of how perfectly they mix whimsical art with beautiful words.  They carry cards and prints in their etsy shop.

Marekalaine has throw pillows that are like the tea towel I did for my gift.  I like the patterns that they use to make OK stand out.

Local shops that are perfect for unique gifts:

Seeing as how this is my family’s first Oklahoma Christmas, I added two books to our shelf:  O is for Oklahoma and The Twelve Days of Christmas in Oklahoma.  One for under the tree and one to celebrate the season Okie style!

Need some more holiday fun?  Check out our OKC Holiday Activity List!

I hope that you found some ideas that are helpful!  Good Luck and Happy Shopping!!

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