I Live With my Mom: 5 Reasons Why It has Been Life Changing

To be completely honest, we did not move my mother in with us with the intent of having a live-in-babysitter like most people assume. We moved her in because she had lost her love of over 10 years and was in pretty bad shape. From how it all started, to how we got where we are today, living in a multi generational family unit is nothing short of amazing.

In the beginning it was like I had taken on another child, but I was the parent and she was the child. As she has continued to get her life back-on-track these past 3 1/2 years that mindset has drastically changed and I go to her now more as a mentor again. I am so proud of the woman she has become.

We don’t actually all live in the same house, but on the same property. We have 5 acres which includes our house, grandmas house, chicken coop, bunny hutch, and turtle pen. My moms front door is literally right outside my house.


Here are only a few of the pros to having my mother live with me…

  1. My best friend/Mommy mentor of ALL mommy mentors at my fingertips – She has been through it all with me obviously, she gave me life. My mom raised 5 children as a single parent while working, & going to graduate school and while not perfect, she did a pretty good job in my opinion. She just listens…no judgement or criticism, just listens. She gives me the advice when I need it and shuts her mouth when she knows I do not want to hear it.
  2. She is my SANITY SAVER – Every mom knows you just have THOSE days… everyone is cranky, fighting, arguing about NOTHING and I think the rage building deep in the depths of my soul may actually make my head explode off. I take a nice 5 minute walk to grandmas to just CHILL OUT. Say what? GLORIOUS. So refreshing to be able to step-away from the chaos even if it is only for a moment. It helps my mentality so much. Our property is fully fenced so I know the kids can’t go off the property which also helps. I hide at grandmas and she thinks its hilarious.
  3. She helps me find the humor – Nothing can put you back in perspective quite like being fully enraged by something your children have done and then your mom walks in and just starts laughing in your face. She always says sorry for laughing but cannot contain herself. How can I not laugh? I’m immediately reminded of all of the atrocious things my siblings and I did to her and each other, and I have to giggle.
  4. She is my Psychiatrist – When the hubs and I are not seeing eye-to-eye, she is my voice of reason. It is so complicated being married and it is truly an ever changing struggle. My husband and I love each other very much but we definitely have days where we do not like one another. My mom allows me to vent and then she always tries to help me see it from his point of view. I don’t always want to hear it, but I need to hear it to try and better understand.
  5. She LOVES my babies just as much as I do – Nothing could have prepared me for the impact my moms relationship with my children would be. She loves them so much and spoils them rotten. My 3 year old is constantly telling me his best friend is grandma. It makes my heart so incredibly happy. Having her in their lives every single day will have a profound affect on my children and I could not be more grateful for that. Seeing her out my kitchen window pushing my babies on the swings, laughing, and playing is so comforting to my soul. Plus, she does allow sleep-overs on the weekends and babysits anytime we need her to if shes available which is pretty awesome.

I know some people reading this will think I am crazy for living with my mom, but I also have friends who I know that would give anything in the world just for the opportunity to do so.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have her by my side on this insane parenting journey. I can think of no better teacher, care-giver, disciplinarian, & friend for my babies who also helps keep mommy sane. GENIUS.

Could you/Do you live with a parent?

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