Nap Time DIY: Little Effort, BIG Impact

Nap time DIYIt’s that time of year when the sun starts shining more, the weather’s getting warmer and we all want to be outside! Now that I’m spending more time outdoors I’m beginning to compile a mental list of things I’d like to do to the outside of my home. I’ve been seeing pictures my friends are posting on Facebook of their beautiful yards & gardens and I wish my house had that much curb appeal. The sad truth is that I don’t have a green thumb and, even at my best effort, I can’t make flowers or plants look nice.

One thing I can do to spruce up my home and add some curb appeal is paint my front door. Over the years, and through all my DIY projects, I’ve learned that paint can often make the biggest impact with the least amount of money. I paint my front door about once a year now. This last time I decided that I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and go with a bold color that I wouldn’t normally choose. After a lot of thought and a poll on facebook, I chose the color Emerald. This was the 2013 Pantone color of the year and it seemed like a fitting choice since I usually jump on the bandwagon late and start to get into styles once they’re no longer hot.

For this project I purchased a sample size container of paint from the Pantone line at Lowe’s. My front door is metal but I’ve painted it several times now and the paint doesn’t have a problem sticking. If you’ve never painted your door before you might consider doing some light prep work first. A quick sanding and a light coat of primer should do the trick. Also, if your front door is exposed to the elements you may want to get an exterior paint. My door is under a covered porch and there is a storm door that protects it from the elements so the sample paint worked just fine.

nap time DIY

Before & After: front door painted in Emerald

One of the great things about this project is that it can be done while your kids take a nap! Two coats later the kids were still asleep and my front door was beautiful!! I have a silhouette cameo and decided to go one step further and add my house numbers in vinyl on the front of the door.

nap time DIY

vinyl house numbers

If you happen to live in a neighborhood with an HOA that prohibits painting your door then you can do this on the inside of your front door instead. A few weekends ago when we were stuck inside due to rain & storms, I grabbed a fun color of paint that was leftover from my last furniture project and painted the inside.  The entry of my house now looks much fresher and ready for spring & summer!

Nap time DIY

Inside of front door painted in teal. A great project for a rainy day!

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.  Doors are a great place to try out pops of color.  If you don’t like it afterward it’s easy to change.  This project only cost me a few dollars which I spent on the paint. I already had paint brushes and I used a leftover color for the inside of the door. See…BIG impact, very little effort and hardly any money spent. That’s the best kind of DIY project!

Okay crafty moms – we want to know! What’s the best DIY project you’ve done during nap time?


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