You Know You’re a Mom If…

You Know You're a Mom If...

It’s not always easy being a Mom.

Each hour can be different, and can be full of laughs, rewards, challenges, and tears.

And there are undoubtedly  moments that happen in your every day life that can only be explained by the phrase “I’m a Mom.”

So, from one Mom to another, here’s some of the things on my list:

You Know You’re A Mom If…

1. You’re out to eat with a group of adults and you excuse yourself to “go potty.”

2. You get pretty competitive at the game of Trouble.

3. You get to work and realize that, while you got everyone else ready, you didn’t look in the mirror at yourself so you hope and pray you look presentable.

4. You become a “Nap-Time Nazi” – no one better ring the doorbell, let their phone ring in your presence, or talk too loudly during naptime, because you need the down time as much as (or more than) your littles.  Violators will be prosecuted.

5. You reach into your purse and pull out a paci.


6.  You go to the doctor due to back pain and are prescribed physical therapy, only to realize it’s because of the infant carrier you now pick up and put down a jillion times a day.

7.  Baby wipes are your “go-to” cleaner and you take them EVERYWHERE YOU GO.

8.  Sniffing a child’s butt to check their diaper isn’t weird anymore.

9.  You know who Princess Sophia is.

10.  Going to the grocery store by yourself feels like “me time.”

Grocery Store(1)


11.  You throw a blazer over your shirt on your way out the door because, you know, the spit up stain on your shoulder probably should be covered before you head into the office.

12.  It’s 3 pm and someone asks you, “Do you realize you only have one earring in?”

13.  Dry shampoo is your favorite beauty product.

14.  You teach your children (& religiously play) the game that’s really not a game, The Quiet Game.

15.   Someone asks you what you’ve been reading and all that comes to mind is “Llama, Llama, Red Pajama.”

Llama Llama

16.  You can’t get the “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” song out of your head.

17.  You begin to realize just how smart your own Mom is, and you talk to her a lot more often.

18.  A tiny hand grasping yours is kinda your favorite thing in the world.

19.  You tear up when you see your precious baby sleeping soundly, and you can’t help but stroke their cheek or kiss their forehead before you leave them to sleep on their own for a bit.

20.  You still can’t believe that God let you have these precious little people, but you thank Him everyday that He did.

What are your  Mom Moments, sweet Momma?

But You Thank God He did

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