I’m a Google Mom

Most women use their pregnancy as a time to prepare for baby. Planning the perfect nursery theme. Reading books to unlock the secrets of infant behaviors. Building an appropriate wardrobe to match the season and sex of baby. Soaking up those last few nights of uninterrupted sleep. Nine months of mental, emotional, and physical preparation.


I had seven…hours. 

Needless to say, I was thrown into motherhood in the craziest, most stressful, and best possible way. Adoption can be unpredictable like that. 

So, no, I didn’t get to read the books. And I didn’t have the months of preparation. But I did have Google. 

Google could easily be classified as my non-human best friend. As a self-proclaimed lover of random facts, Google is a treasure trove of information. As a new mother with zero clue of what she is doing and an overwhelming amount of fear, Google was a lifesaver.

Is her poop supposed to look like that? Google it.

What officially counts as sleep deprivation? Google it.

Are baby zits a normal thing? Google it.

Is it okay if the umbilical stump fell off way earlier than they said? Google it.

Google was able to get me through the first few weeks, months, and year. To be honest, I am still looking things up because the learning never stops.

What do I do when my child has eaten dog food? Google it.

How do I properly care for my daughter’s beautiful hair? Google it. 

Are you sure that I am really not sleep-deprived? Google it. 

I know that I will never have all the answers. But I also know that Google won’t always have the answers either. 

I am fortunate to have a fantastic pediatrician who is willing to listen. My group of mom friends is growing and a wealth of knowledge. And nothing makes me feel better than when they tell me that they tell me they learned something from Google. My mother may be over thirty years out from parenting an infant but she is still my go-to when I need to know what the heck I am doing. 

So I may not be the Pinterest mom. I may occasionally dabble as an Amazon Prime mom. But I am proudly a Google mom. And with Google (and the amazing people in my life), I am pretty sure that parenting is something I can do. 

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