I Grounded Myself From My Smartphone

I grounded myself from my smart phone (1)

Technology is a beautiful thing.  It has the ability to make our lives easier, reconnect us with old friends, and capture precious moments with the quick touch of a button.  It is also an amazing thing to use when disciplining your children.  Threaten to take the technology away, or worse, do it, and my kids are begging and pleading for a second chance.  They are “forced” to use those brains of theirs to entertain themselves.  GASP!

Here’s the problem.  I like my iPhone too.  And when I have a few moments that aren’t filled with anything, I pull out my phone and do a quick social media check.  And sometimes, when my moments are filled with something, I still pull out my phone and do a quick social media check. Then I started hearing things like, “mom, I’m trying to tell you something”, and “mom, did you just hear what I said?”  Those comments gave me a reality check.  I was on my phone too much.  I hadn’t heard what my children said, because I was too engrossed in an instagram video.  I knew she wanted to tell me something – but how many people had just liked my Facebook photo?

So I decided to do as I said, and I grounded myself from my phone.  We were going on vacation and I decided I wasn’t going to use that phone for anything other than answering text messages.  I wasn’t even going to check my email.  Because the things that were most important to me were going to be right in front of my face for 6 days.  While sitting in the airport, within the first 20 minutes, I really wanted to get my phone out.  All my family had their technology devices to occupy them.  Along with 98% of the rest of the airport occupants. And I found myself with 45 minutes to kill – without technology.  So I went for a walk.

Had I not grounded myself from my iPhone I would have missed that man talking extremely loudly about some super important business decisions in his flowered shorts and straw hat.  I would have missed the sweet goodbye of what looked like a single mom, sending off her kids on a plane, to see their father in another state.  I also would have missed looking at those really large metal tubes with wings and watching them take off effortlessly and gracefully.

After the first day it got easier.  I found myself relaxed, completely attentive to those little people I call mine, and I learned even more about them.  We had conversations that might have been nonexistent had I been buried in a screen.  I had breakfast on the deck with my nephew where we discussed the nature hidden in the forest behind us.  I read a book! (Nicholas Sparks, The Longest Ride. Read it now!)  I found myself more relaxed.  I fell asleep faster.  And here is the kicker –  I didn’t miss one thing because of it.

I haven’t given up the iPhone all together.  I still browse it every now and then.  But it’s different now.  It’s not controlling my free time.  We only have our people for 1/5 of their lives.  That’s it, my mommy friends.  What everyone else is doing isn’t important – especially when they are in your presence.  Ground yourself from your smart phone.  You’ll be glad you did.

What do you think? Can you ground yourself from your phone?


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2 Responses to I Grounded Myself From My Smartphone

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    Jeanette August 21, 2015 at 12:37 pm #

    I do this every time we do something as a family! I might take my phone out for a second to take a pic but I put it away and enjoy my family time! Time with my kids is so precious that I would much rather experience it than to post it!

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    Nicole January 31, 2016 at 8:23 pm #

    When I spend the weekend with my boyfriend at his parents we have a no social media rule. Doesn’t always get followed to the letter but I keep my phone away 90 percent of my time there.

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