Whirlwind Romance (How I Met Your Father)

How I Met Your Father

This story can actually start many different ways.

I first met your father in college. We ran in circles that ran together sometimes. Your father and I can look back at photos and see each other in the background of the pictures. One night, while I was out with a friend, we ran into your father and his friend. We all ended up having dinner and having a great time. But that wasn’t when I really met your father.

Although I had already met your father, I really met your father one Friday night when we lived 8 hours away from each other. I was living in Houston and working as a teacher at a private school. It was homecoming weekend and, as a cheer coach, I had made plans to be busy all weekend long. Those plans got cancelled when hurricane Ike started coming straight towards Galveston. All after school activities were canceled and the place I lived was placed under mandatory evacuations. I definitely wasn’t going to evacuate very far so I headed to the north side of Houston.

During a hurricane there isn’t much to do, so I was sitting, looking at Facebook and watching reruns of The Office. While I was on Facebook I noticed that an old friend had just created a profile. I started chatting with your father. During the conversation I mentioned that I would soon be kicked off the computer as the power went out when the hurricane hit. Always the gentleman, your father made sure to get my number so he could check on me and make sure I was okay. We ended up texting all night and continued texting and chatting online for a year!

During that year we tried several times to see each other. One time I was coming to Oklahoma for a wedding, but your father was out of town. He came down to Houston for a wedding, but I was out of town. Finally after a year of talking and trying  but just missing, your father asked me a bold question. He asked me to come up and see him before school started again in August. Unfortunately, school had already started. So I invited him to come down. It was football season again and I told him he could come go to a high school football game with me and we could spend the weekend together.

Your father came down to Houston. Our first time to see each other in about seven years was on a Friday night with 16 high school cheerleaders who were like my kids. They surrounded him, questioned him, looked him over and judged him. He took it like a champ and my girls gave me their seal of approval. The next night we went to a concert with my brother, your uncle. The next day we made plans to see each other again in three weeks.

The part I love the most about our story is that we were so confident in our feelings and our relationship that we didn’t even talk to each other in that three weeks. We were both really busy and had every confidence that in three weeks we see each other and it would be awesome! Our relationship was easy. The way that dating should be.

We did meet in three weeks and in three months we were engaged! That next summer we were married at a small ceremony on the beach surrounded by some of our closest friends and family. Five years later we have two kids and countless memories!

how i met your father

So many great memories! And many more to come!


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