13 Hard Truths About the First 90 Days of Motherhood

Motherhood is a lot of things – it’s beautiful, exhausting, challenging and fun, all at the same time. It’s life changing and it makes your heart feel so full it could burst.

While that’s all fine and good, during the first couple of months, you learn a lot. Some experiences make you laugh, some make you want to cry. Maybe some of you other new moms can relate to some things I’ve learned in my first 90 days of motherhood:

1. Give me all the sleep.

I love sleep more than I love just about anything else in life currently. More than food. More than water.

2. Trimming my kid’s nails is one of the more anxiety-inducing experiences I’ve encountered

To those of you who can do it with no fear, I applaud you.

3. Sudden loud noises while breastfeeding.

No. Just no.

4. Tummy time is a necessary evil.

(Disclaimer: my kid generally likes tummy time, but when he doesn’t, he REALLY doesn’t.)

5. I will never know exactly where all that midnight pee went when I didn’t react quickly enough in my sleep-deprived state.

And, I really don’t care.

6. Three words: Hands-free pumping bra.

Is it comfortable? No. Is it fashionable? Heck no. Do I wonder why it took me so long to buy one? Absolutely. LIFESAVER.

7. Think you have enough diapers? That’s hilarious.

You can never have enough. Never. Accept it.

8. Growth spurts are TOUGH. 

The universe laughs when they happen. It feels that way anyway. Baby is sleeping like a champ, napping well and BAM! You have a few days of “where did my wonderful child go?!”

9. Oh hey, universe. What’s that? Another cruel trick? Caffeine should be limited while breastfeeding?

That’s fantastic…I only need it to SURVIVE.

10. You can read all the books, get the best advice from family and friends, and still…your “mom instinct” is generally a good source.

11. Watching my own parents become grandparents is a beautiful thing.

12. I don’t thank my husband enough for giving me and our baby whatever energy he has left after a long day of work, for changing diapers and preparing bottles, and for being the best support as we learn together.

Ladies, thank your support system! 

13. Lastly, while I love my hands-free pumping bra, if I could invent a pumping bra that worked while I napped, I would do it.

And, I bet I’d make a lot of money. You’d buy one, wouldn’t you?

What are some things you experienced in those first 90 days as a new mom? 

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