Sometimes, I’m a “Flaky Mom”

A few days ago while watching YouTube, I came across a term that I didn’t know existed. I might be behind the times, but the term “flaky mom” is totally new for me. What’s a “flaky mom” you ask? It’s being an unreliable mom that usually cancels on plans (play dates, meetings, etc).

The term struck me. Why? Because I can be that “flaky mom”.


I really try to stick to my commitments and play dates. Most of my excuses are legit, I promise! There have been a bunch of times when my kids got sick suddenly and I don’t want to share the germs with others.

But there have been other times when I WAS flaky!! Which I find weird because I do crave adult conversations and time away from my kids.

Here are a few reasons why sometimes I can be the dreaded “flaky mom”:

* My day didn’t start right – Don’t you have those mornings when your kid or you wake up in a bad mood?Breakfast has been hard already and you just don’t want to deal with going out? Yep, that seems to happen so often in this house.

* Being plain lazy – There are days that I don’t feel like wearing a real bra (hello, sports bra), and some days I don’t feel like even wearing real pants. So even just the thought of putting on pants and a bra on top of having to do all the work just to leave our house is tiring.

* I don’t want to get out of my comfort zone – I enjoy seeing my friends and catching up but when I know I will be meeting new people, I dread it. Why? I just sometimes don’t know what to say.

* I don’t want to drive long distances – A new place you said? It’s fun? I would be all over it until I see how far it is. Sometimes I realize that I don’t want to drive too far at the very last minute.

* I can’t function after dark – Before kids I wouldn’t have thought twice about going out with friends. Now I have to balance how much I want it and if it’s worth it to wear a bra for a longer period of time.

I know that motherhood can be lonely, and sometimes it feels that way for me. I feel like I have to push myself a little more these days to go out and socialize. I’m a friendly person, I just don’t want to go the extra mile if that means getting out of my comfort zone.

I’ve accepted the fact that sometimes I am the ever dreaded “flaky mom”, but I’m trying to change, okay?! So in the event I fall back into my old ways, I just want to let my friends know that it’s not you, it me.

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