Do You Podcast?



I know, I know…podcast?! Say what? We humans often fear what is not normal in our everyday routines. I myself was not interested when my husband started spouting off about these so-called, ‘Podcasts. I did not know what a podcast really was or how I would even go about finding one. One day while traveling, the kids all fell asleep so I gave in and decided to listen to one with my husband.

Ya’ll… My name is Katy, and I have a hardcore podcasting addiction.

I cannot stop.

A podcast is technically an episodic series of digital audio, but to put it into layman’s terms, it’s a lot like a radio show. You just listen on your phone rather than on the actual radio. The beauty of podcasts is that you can listen to an informative/entertaining show in a variety of topics, and on your terms. 

There are over 550,000 podcasts to choose from, with a variety of genres, including True Crime(my fave), History, Parenting, Religion, Sports, News, etc.

Here are three reasons why I have become a podcast junkie.

1. Boredom Buster 

Whether listening on your commute or while folding a load of laundry, you can literally listen to whatever you want, whenever you want. My morning chores have never been so delightful! I pop in my earbuds and walk around picking up toys, making beds, doing the dishes, and all the while I am also listening to an eagerly awaited podcast. My boring daily chores are now filled with both murder mysteries and comedy that truly intrigue me. If I get done with my chores or am called away to do something else, it is no big deal! I can just pause where I am and return to it whenever I am ready.

2. FREE Information

Yep, that’s right. Podcasts are completely FREE! I discovered things that I would never have thought possible being an out-of-school homemaker surrounded by wee little ones. The knowledge you can obtain for FREE is insane. My children and I love listening to history podcasts together. They are just as intrigued with the stories as I am, and seeing them soak it all in is glorious. Learn, kids, LEARN! This information is all on your phone, just waiting for you to tap into this amazing resource. Time to get on it!

3. Woman Empowerment

You read that correctly. Following the #metoo movement and the ousting of the Hollywood elite harassers, podcasts have become a fantastic forum to reach women of all ages and stages. Podcasts are still in their infancy, yet certain podcasts have garnered millions of followers and spawned communities of like-minded women all over the world. Women are finding their voices and spreading encouragement through digital audio files you hold in your hand. Podcasts are giving women power that they never thought possible before. Having two daughters myself, this is a trend I am all in for.

So if you are looking for something to occupy your time while making that morning commute, working out, or slaving away making a homemade meal for people who most likely won’t eat it…

I highly recommend you look for a podcast that is just right for you!

Do you already have a favorite podcast?

Do you podcast alone or as a family?


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