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I Don’t Want to Homeschool Either- Confessions from a Teacher

Under any other circumstances, teachers look forward to Spring Break just as much as their students. This time felt different. I knew there was a chance, a good possibility, that we would be extending that break. At first, it was just a couple weeks. “Okay, I can come up with some activities to keep the […]

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Your Guide to Free Educational Resources

Now that Oklahoma "Spring Break" is officially over, you may be looking to step up your educational game this week. Teacher mamas have a tremendous advantage over the rest of us these coming weeks, and your average mama, like myself, is going to need some...let's say...support. Lord knows these kids aren't going to teach themselves. [...]
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Community. What pictures come to mind when you read that word? Neighborhood block parties? Sunday afternoon luncheons? Perhaps you’re thinking about your Mom-group. Allow me to brag on the community I’ve had the honor of calling my own. This community has been wiped out by tornadoes and endured tragedy after tragedy. This community has also […]

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Music to My Ears: Back to School

There are moms that dread the kids going back to school. Each day of summer break has been glorious. Three gourmet meals a day, splash pads, zoo trips, Science museum, play dates, and of course, structured learning activities. And then there are moms like me. Laying around in the same yoga pants for two days, […]

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