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9 Books You Will Actually WANT To Read This Summer

One of my favorite past times (yes, because having a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old qualifies anything done at a leisurely, quiet, enjoyable pace as a thing of the past) is reading. Those that know me probably think, “um…you’re an English teacher, don’t you read ALL THE BOOKS?” I’d love to say yes but…nope. I’ll be honest, at […]

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Reading Challenge! #16in2016

I love to read and sharing my favorite authors and books with others. I had a baby in 2015 though so my reading game has consisted more of board books than novels as of late. And it’s much easier to turn on the Netflix marathon (I finished all 10 seasons on Friends the first 10 […]

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DIY Personalized Books for Kids

I have a weakness for DIY projects. The problem is that at any given time I have a dozen things that have been started. Anybody else the same way? Please tell me that I’m not the only one! I recently started and completed two projects in a weekend and wanted to share my success. Shutterfly had a […]

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Best Loved Books of 2014

Is one of your resolutions to read more in the upcoming year? Well if it is, then I have a great list to get you started! (If it’s not one of your resolutions….this is still a great list!) I did this a book review last year on the blog for 2013 and thought I’d share with […]

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