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600px x 400px – Pumpkin Painting

5 Fun Pumpkin Activities for Toddlers 

I’m pretty obsessed with fall. I love it when we start to feel that chill in the air that calls for cute jackets, bon fires, football, and any and all things pumpkin. Pumpkin fudge? I’ll try it. Pumpkin patch? Yes please. Pumpkin carving? I’m there. I’ll be there extra fast if you are serving some […]

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5 Tips for Creating

5 Tips for Creating a Mom Friendly Mini Capsule Wardrobe

A Capsule Wardrobe is all the buzz in the style world, everyone is either capsuling their clothing items, taking the konmari approach with their clothing, or just throwing their hands up in the air and saying “Forget it! Yoga pants and a tee shirt it is!” So, what is a capsule wardrobe anyway? It’s a […]

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Home Decor Inspiration

I love decorating my home.  My creative juices start flowing when I move furniture around, swap out wall décor or update the arrangement on my mantel.   It’s really like therapy for me.  I love that my house is functional for my family yet still reflects my sense of style.  Things don’t usually stay the same […]

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6 signs you might be a momaholic

Are you a Momaholic? 6 signs you might be one.

I recently read an article on LinkedIn about women having an affair with their career/work. I spoke with a wise and trusted colleague about this subject and she said to me, “I think that women have to be connected to their passion whether that is work outside the home, their kids, their hobby, etc. I think […]

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The Perfect (SIMPLE) Summer

It’s almost here. The kids are out of school, your pin boards are loaded with all the ways to have the most wonderful summer ever. You’re going to make homemade play dough, take lots of trips to amusement parks, and go on an awesome family vacation to somewhere amazing. You plan to picnic on the patio […]

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