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Downtown Guthrie

Hometown Spotlight: Why We Love Guthrie

I will admit that I was a tiny bit apprehensive when moving to Guthrie a few years back, but this town and the people in it have absolutely stolen my heart. Guthrie is a unique, very small town that is surrounded by history. It is THE ONE and only suburb of OKC that will not, […]

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How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photo Shoot – 6 Tips From a Pro

You’ve just had your bouncing bundle of joy! Congratulations!  Have you booked your newborn photographer yet? If you haven’t, you’re really missing out!  Yes, you may be running on 4.130094 minutes of sleep. Yes, you may not feel like yourself. Your husband will definitely complain about yet ANOTHER baby expense. I promise you though, despite […]

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Other Side of Camera

The Other Side of the Camera

I felt the knot in my throat grow as I choked it down and held back tears, tears of exhaustion, of long sleepless nights, of tantrums, of self-doubt. Below me I watched my one-year-old daughter play with a book, studying each page, muttering sounds as if reading. Books are her favorite. This afternoon though, I […]

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Six Ways to Take the Stress Out of Family Pictures

As a new mom several years ago, I remember my first experience with family pictures well. Although like most traumatic events in one’s life, I’ve tried my best to block it out of my memory. Here’s the gist of what I do remember: Sweat. Anxiety. Crying babies (two, to be exact). Pit stains. Complaining husband. […]

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The Highlight Reel: How Facebook Helped Me Count My Blessings

In the last few years I’ve seen quite a few articles about how spending too much time on Facebook can negatively affect a person’s happiness. And for the most part I agree. If all you do is lurk around on there, then I guarantee you’ll be bombarded with image after image and post after post […]

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