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I Don’t Want to Homeschool Either- Confessions from a Teacher

Under any other circumstances, teachers look forward to Spring Break just as much as their students. This time felt different. I knew there was a chance, a good possibility, that we would be extending that break. At first, it was just a couple weeks. “Okay, I can come up with some activities to keep the […]

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Help! I Live WIth Extroverts

Hello, my name is Lauren, and I am an introvert. I prefer one-on-one chats to large groups.  I avoid small talk because I also happen to be awkward. Home is my happy place. And silence is beautiful. During this time of “social distancing,” I really feel like this is my time to shine.  But I have a […]

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Christina, her husband Hyungdo, and their two children, Yena and Sihun, have remained mostly indoors for the past month in efforts to prevent the Coronavirus from further spreading.

Coronavirus Advice from a Mom in South Korea

Christina first came to Oklahoma City in 2001 to attend school our seventh grade year. Even though she was from halfway around the world in South Korea, she became one of my best friends. We graduated from high school together in 2007. After graduation, she moved back to South Korea, met the love of her […]

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A Parent’s Guide to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in OKC

Over the last days and weeks, we have been inundated with the news about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). After the events of the Thunder-Jazz game on March 11th, the reaction in the Oklahoma City area intensified.  As parents, it is important for us to arm ourselves with the very best information possible so we may protect ourselves, […]

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