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Office Gossip: My New Coworker

Like many parents around the world, we are now doing our jobs from home, taking care of kids, homeschooling, keeping up with household chores, and trying to keep our cool. I haven’t had a typical ‘office job’ in nearly a decade, so working at home isn’t new territory for me. But the circumstances in which […]

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Five Ways Conscious Discipline Changed our Home Life

I had never heard of Conscious Discipline until I enrolled my son in Pre-K. I read that his school used Conscious Discipline methods throughout the day in the classroom, and I didn’t think much of it. Then one day my son came home talking about pretzel and balloon breathing, and the vague explanation of a […]

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Navigating the “New Normal” With Teens

One month ago, the initial novelty of having an “extended” spring break brought joy to our teen-aged son. However, the excitement quickly wore off as the days turned into weeks, then turned into the new normal of shelter-in-place, social distancing, and finally, having to finish the school year through distance learning. His younger sisters (8 […]

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Peter Piper Picked a Picky Eater

“I just don’t think he’s ever going to eat.” We’ve all experienced the frustration of our children refusing food at one time or another—and if you haven’t, then definitely don’t tell the rest of us because you might find a jealous mob on your doorstep. As an early intervention feeding (and speech) therapist, I specialize […]

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