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More You Time: Gold Plated & The Riley Group

We had some great sponsors for the Readers’ Choice Awards! The Riley Group and Gold Plated Food are two businesses that we just NEED to tell you more about!  You’ve seen their logo, but there is much more to them.  Better yet, they are both businesses that will help you have more YOU time. The Riley […]

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Letting Little Hands Help

We’ve all got chores to do.  I feel like I spend most days attempting to finish yesterday’s list while wrangling my toddler and adding new things to my list for today.  The battle is real folks – fold one, pull toddler off the counter, fold two, kiss a booboo and wipe tears, fold one more… well, you get […]

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The Perfect (SIMPLE) Summer

It’s almost here. The kids are out of school, your pin boards are loaded with all the ways to have the most wonderful summer ever. You’re going to make homemade play dough, take lots of trips to amusement parks, and go on an awesome family vacation to somewhere amazing. You plan to picnic on the patio […]

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Buying clothes at consignment sales can ease the financial burden of buying clothes for the next season.

Changing of the Seasons

Changing of the seasons can be overwhelming when you are talking about kid’s clothing.  They need a whole new wardrobe every season:  socks, shoes, pajamas, shirts, pants/shorts, skirts, dresses, play clothes, nice clothes.  The list is endless. It is a huge undertaking if you have clothes in storage that have been handed down from one […]

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Toys all packed up!

Taking Back Our House

This is my daughter’s room.  This is our living room. As you can see, there are toys everywhere. It amazes me because just a little over a year ago we didn’t own any toys. I’m not sure where they all came from, and I’m pretty sure that the stuffed animals might be procreating when no […]

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