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Birthday Traditions

Over the years I have absolutely enjoyed planning my children’s birthdays.   As soon as one is over, I start thinking about planning for the next one.  It’s not that I am rushing them to get older, I enjoy celebrating their birth year after year. From the beginning I wanted to make my children’s birthdays special.  […]

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Caroline doing puzzles.

What I Love About This Age

I think that every stage that Caroline has gone through I have said is my favorite, but this stage really is my favorite. Caroline is almost a year and a half old. She is so cute and so independent but not at the same time. Here are some things that I’m loving about this age right […]

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Get in the photo, moms!

Hand over the camera, moms!

Every time that my sister and I are at my parent’s house, we pull out our family photo albums and thumb through the pages and relive the memories of our youth. It’s funny to see old haircuts and exciting to see our favorite toys from decades ago. Anybody else embarrassed of their middle school photos? […]

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