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Dear Moms, We Need Each Other

Dear mom who is one small crisis away from losing it completely, I see you.I see you on your knees with tears streaming down your face.I hear you flooding your soul with negativity and harmful self-talk because you once again screamed at your kids.Because your house is a wreck.I see your exhaustion.I see the to-do […]

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I Don’t Want to Homeschool Either- Confessions from a Teacher

Under any other circumstances, teachers look forward to Spring Break just as much as their students. This time felt different. I knew there was a chance, a good possibility, that we would be extending that break. At first, it was just a couple weeks. “Okay, I can come up with some activities to keep the […]

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Christina, her husband Hyungdo, and their two children, Yena and Sihun, have remained mostly indoors for the past month in efforts to prevent the Coronavirus from further spreading.

Coronavirus Advice from a Mom in South Korea

Christina first came to Oklahoma City in 2001 to attend school our seventh grade year. Even though she was from halfway around the world in South Korea, she became one of my best friends. We graduated from high school together in 2007. After graduation, she moved back to South Korea, met the love of her […]

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40 Ahead

So, This is 40, Eh?

EIGHTIES BABIES UNITE! Maybe you’ve zoomed past 40, and these will be but small reminders of days gone by. Maybe you aren’t even close to 40 yet, and these will be tiny nuggets of wisdom to look forward to. Either way, for this 1980 baby, this…is 40. Visits to medical professionals somehow always involve a […]

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Birthday Freebies & Discounts to Make Your Day Extra Special

Now a days, you can celebrate your birthday all month long! Most of us know about the free drink Starbucks gifts, but there’s a ton of lesser-known freebies available out there too. I am one of those people who signs up for every store’s text alert and email program. Yes, it involves combing through hundreds […]

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