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How Old it TOO Young The Free Range Parenting Debacle

How Old is TOO Young: The Free Range Parenting Debacle

I sat in complete bewilderment this past January and again a few weeks ago, as I read about the Maryland couple who allowed their 10 & 6 year old children to walk to the park by themselves and now have to deal with Child Protective Services for “substantiated” child neglect.  Neglectful parenting?  Does no one remember getting to […]

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OKC Spotlight: Kids Joining Eternity

At Oklahoma City Moms Blog we feel there are incredible not-for-profit organizations and resources right here in our community. They support different needs of OKC families, mothers, and children and we’d like to help spread the word about them.  Here is a little bit more information about one of these organizations:: Kids Joining Eternity. By Melanie Edwards, Co-Founder and […]

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{Patty} A Letter to my Step-Daughter

You came into my life when you were 6 years old and now you’re 21 years old. I remember when we first met, your Dad and I had been dating for 6 months and we decided that it was time for me to meet you and I remember feeling nervous and excited. Your Dad had […]

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Comparison Game

The Comparison Game

If you sit on the outside of the group of moms chit chatting while their 2 year old children play, you might hear something like this. Mom 1: Sooooo Johnny is completely potty trained!  I mean, I only take him to the potty every 15 minutes but he isn’t going in his diaper so I consider […]

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The Facebook Facade

The Facebook Façade: A Peek Behind The Smoke and Mirrors

I don’t live a perfect life, but If you looked at my Facebook page you might get the idea that my life is charmed. This is because I only post the good stuff to my Facebook page. Sure I might post the occasional amusing anecdote or cute quote from my kids, but I sure as […]

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MB OKC Memorial


I was in college.  I had the best college job ever, I was a school bus driver.  It fit perfectly into my schedule.  Drive my route in the morning, go to class, drive my route in the afternoon and done for the day.  My college roommate drove a bus, my boyfriend drove a bus, most […]

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