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Because I love him,I gave up (3)

Because I Love Him, I Gave Up: A Marriage Tale

I’ve watched the movies. So, once I got engaged, I knew everything was supposed to be blissful and easy. But marriage is not like that. Especially for two people mostly raised as only children.  We both were, and still are,perfectionists to a certain extent.  Which of course means we believed that our way of doing things was […]

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Parenting Script - Bullying

Parenting Script: 5 Tips for Bullying Prevention

This series is in response to Where’s My Parenting Script?! Please check back each Wednesday in the month of August for more tips. With it being back to school season, parents are busy making preparations for the year ahead. While equipping kids with the traditional school necessities, it can also be a good time to […]

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Helping Military Spouses (Because They Aren’t Going to Ask)

As our family draws closer and closer to another deployment I am preparing as usual. I am updating my emergency information, writing down when and how my husband normally does his chores and setting a monthly alarm for the dog’s flea and tick medicine since he normally takes care of that. I’m also preparing for something […]

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The Highlight Reel: How Facebook Helped Me Count My Blessings

In the last few years I’ve seen quite a few articles about how spending too much time on Facebook can negatively affect a person’s happiness. And for the most part I agree. If all you do is lurk around on there, then I guarantee you’ll be bombarded with image after image and post after post […]

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