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What an IUI Cycle is REALLY Like

Starting IUI (Interauterine Insemination) can be difficult. You don’t always know what to expect—from the procedures to the costs and side effects. To help show what an IUI cycle looks like, I invite you to join me for the trials and tribulations through my personal, day-by-day diary. About the Cycle My challenges with infertility began […]

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Announcing Your Pregnancy While Your Friend is Still Waiting For Her Baby

Fertility. The word itself carries connotations of a formulaic process. Commit this specific act in this specific time frame and you will conceive a child. It’s objective. Scientific. It clearly works for so many without a second thought. It’s just a question of, am I ready?  For some of us, it was merely a decision […]

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A Journey Through Infertility

  Three years. One HSG. Twenty five (maybe more) ultrasounds. A ridiculous amount of blood draws. Too many doctors appointments. Nine rounds of clomid. Three rounds of a trigger shot. Two failed IUIs. Three miscarriages. Hundreds of negative pregnancy tests.  This has been my life for the last three years.  Infertility is tough. It’s draining […]

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