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Family Field Trips: Discovering the Great Outdoors of Oklahoma

Who has cabin fever? Everyone! Who needs sunshine, fresh air, and social distancing with the family? Everyone! As we continue to navigate the life of quarantine, we seek opportunities to experience freedom in the one place that we can – the great outdoors.  Below you will find five day-trips to take in our great state […]

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8 Ways to Party Like It’s Your Socially Distanced Birthday

Kid birthday parties have always been my jam. I love attending the birthday parties of my friends’ kids and nieces and nephews. I love planning my kids’ parties. I love the socializing, the singing, the decorating, the creative cakes, the party favors, you name it. I love it all. Back in February, I was starting […]

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Tiger King: The Circus We All Needed

The past several weeks have been a super-sized combo meal of global pandemic and general uncertainty. As we’ve all tried to balance homeschooling from scratch, getting a little sunshine, getting enough exercise, watching the evening news without crying, and tolerating an overabundance of Zoom meetings while soaking off our dipped manicures at the kitchen table, […]

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When You Can’t Go IRL: Take Virtual Tours of Art & Culture in the OKC Metro

There are times when taking your kiddos out of the house for an outing just isn’t feasible. Maybe it’s after a particularly busy week of work, after school activities, and social commitments. Or, it’s not financially possible that particular month. Sometimes the venue is closed. Being cooped up in the house doesn’t mean you can’t […]

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Christina, her husband Hyungdo, and their two children, Yena and Sihun, have remained mostly indoors for the past month in efforts to prevent the Coronavirus from further spreading.

Coronavirus Advice from a Mom in South Korea

Christina first came to Oklahoma City in 2001 to attend school our seventh grade year. Even though she was from halfway around the world in South Korea, she became one of my best friends. We graduated from high school together in 2007. After graduation, she moved back to South Korea, met the love of her […]

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A Parent’s Guide to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in OKC

Over the last days and weeks, we have been inundated with the news about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). After the events of the Thunder-Jazz game on March 11th, the reaction in the Oklahoma City area intensified.  As parents, it is important for us to arm ourselves with the very best information possible so we may protect ourselves, […]

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Family Events for Black History Month

The month of February is recognized nationwide as Black History Month. Our families celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black Americans throughout the year. However, February presents the most plentiful month for events. We browsed local resources and compiled a list of fantastic events and programs your family can attend. *Free Event February 1, 2020 […]

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IXL Town Limits sign

Field Trip: Historic All-Black Towns in Oklahoma

February is Black History Month, a month dedicated to celebrating the rich heritage of African Americans in this nation. Each year your children probably learn the standard Black history lessons: Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Dr. Martin Luther King at school. They may learn about national events that occurred in Selma, Birmingham, or the March […]

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An OKC Streetcar Black History Tour

Even if you aren’t a die-hard history buff, learning about the hidden stories beneath things you walk by all the time can be fascinating. Museums and libraries, of course, have those stories in abundance. However, there is something special about standing on the very ground where history began. Downtown Oklahoma City is full of hidden […]

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Birthday Freebies & Discounts to Make Your Day Extra Special

Now a days, you can celebrate your birthday all month long! Most of us know about the free drink Starbucks gifts, but there’s a ton of lesser-known freebies available out there too. I am one of those people who signs up for every store’s text alert and email program. Yes, it involves combing through hundreds […]

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