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Alexa, Do the Dishes!

Alexa, do the dishes!! Oh man! Don’t we all wish that was a thing? I will age myself with this next comment, so you young ones, Google “The Jetsons.” I’m waiting for everything on The Jetsons to become reality!! Push a button and Boom! Dinner is ready. Push another button and Bam! Clothes washed, ironed, […]

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Becoming a Minimalist Mom

If there’s one thing parenthood has taught me, it’s “never say never.” I never thought I’d be a stay-at-home-mom.  I never thought I’d leave my career of almost 10 years. I never thought I’d end up with several part-time gigs that are even harder to juggle than my former 9-5. I never thought I’d wear […]

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Your FAQ’s About Foster Care Answered

There are approximately 460,000 children in foster homes across the nation. These children came into foster care through no fault of their own, and they desperately need homes and people to love them. Last year, my husband and I went through the long process of becoming foster parents. While this journey hasn’t been without its […]

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10 Things You’ll Find On A City Facebook Page

City Facebook groups: Keeping the drama alive since the beginning of Facebook time. I live in a pretty small town, and our local Facebook group keeps me truly, madly entertained. If I’m bored or having a rough day and need a little dose of hilarity, my town’s Facebook page is the perfect pick me up. […]

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