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The Surprising Reality of Recycling

Grade school science class is where your children might first hear about recycling. I used to sheepishly duck the question, “Why don’t we recycle, Mom?” There’s nothing like your own children calling you on your Earth Day principles. Under the scrutiny of big, worried eyes in a small, innocent face, my stomach began to churn […]

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cloth diapers

It’s Never Too Late to Cloth Diaper

I’m on an ever-evolving journey to reduce waste in our three-person, 1,000-ish-square-foot household. We’ve gone plastic-free, we are cutting out chemicals and other toxins from our personal and household products, and I’m considering starting a home compost pile (stay tuned). We’re trying to live a cleaner, simpler life.  So why, after 15 months of momming, […]

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