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I Can{not} Run

“I can not run” is a phrase I have said numerous times in my life – too many times to count. It finally hit me one day that by me saying I can’t, that I was telling myself no.  That I will never be able to accomplish anything that pushes me to my limits because there is […]

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Co-Motion {Giveaway!}

Are you ready to get your groove on? Co-Motion in Edmond provides several options for a great, fun workout. The atmosphere was awesome, especially for someone like me who hasn’t worked out since before my daughter was born. They provide childcare for some of their classes and a child play room for children to play […]

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The Mom. The Myth. The Bod. Part 1!

This is part one of a two part series! Spending 9 months or so becoming nice, round and plump is all fun and games when you’re pregnant. Who doesn’t enjoy the extra poundage when you are incubating a tiny, little human? It really doesn’t matter if you are growing by the minute when your pants […]

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