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Have a Houseparty! (For the Socially Distanced)

This post is sponsored by Houseparty, however, these opinions are my own and genuine.After weeks and weeks of working from home and utilizing the common “tools of the quarantine trade” considered acceptable by professional standards, you’d think that after-hours video calls via mobile app or web browser would be the last thing you’d want to […]

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Fun at Home Summer Bucket List

For some, summer is the time to take family vacations and make new memories in places you’ve never been before or have a tradition of visiting every year. For others, summer is the perfect time to stay home, relax, and unwind. Summer vacation will look a lot different this year for many families. If you […]

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Dear Moms, We Need Each Other

Dear mom who is one small crisis away from losing it completely, I see you.I see you on your knees with tears streaming down your face.I hear you flooding your soul with negativity and harmful self-talk because you once again screamed at your kids.Because your house is a wreck.I see your exhaustion.I see the to-do […]

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Navigating the “New Normal” With Teens

One month ago, the initial novelty of having an “extended” spring break brought joy to our teen-aged son. However, the excitement quickly wore off as the days turned into weeks, then turned into the new normal of shelter-in-place, social distancing, and finally, having to finish the school year through distance learning. His younger sisters (8 […]

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8 Ways to Party Like It’s Your Socially Distanced Birthday

Kid birthday parties have always been my jam. I love attending the birthday parties of my friends’ kids and nieces and nephews. I love planning my kids’ parties. I love the socializing, the singing, the decorating, the creative cakes, the party favors, you name it. I love it all. Back in February, I was starting […]

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