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Christmases without Dad

I laugh when I put up my Christmas tree. Eight pieces or so, pre-lit, done within 30 minutes (fluffing included). Yet, for YEARS I watched my Dad struggle with his…organizing the color-coded branches, wrestling the lights (usually with language equally colorful), and replacing burnt out bulbs. Why didn’t he just go buy a pre-lit tree […]

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When Bad Things Happen-

How to Talk to Kids When Bad Things Happen

This past weekend we faced yet another tragedy in Oklahoma, another unfortunate event that has brought us together to remember we are and always will be Oklahoma Strong, no matter the circumstances. In light of the OSU homecoming tragedy, as parents we now have to comfort children whose innocent minds can’t fully process the event […]

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How Old it TOO Young The Free Range Parenting Debacle

How Old is TOO Young: The Free Range Parenting Debacle

I sat in complete bewilderment this past January and again a few weeks ago, as I read about the Maryland couple who allowed their 10 & 6 year old children to walk to the park by themselves and now have to deal with Child Protective Services for “substantiated” child neglect.  Neglectful parenting?  Does no one remember getting to […]

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Cemetery Fun

Cemetery Fun!

So, maybe the words “cemetery” and “fun” have never been in the same sentence in your family but in mine they go together like peanut butter and jelly.  I can’t even count how often we have driven past a cemetery and the kids start to yell, “Mom, can we go to the cemetery, pretty please with cheese?!”  If […]

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