Bye Bye Baby

The baby that isn't a baby anymore.

The baby that isn’t a baby anymore.

“Your baby isn’t a baby anymore.  She is getting so big.”  These are words I hear often.  And while it is true, I feel a little twinge thinking this is my last baby.   My husband and I have been blessed with three beautiful daughters, which is a miracle in itself.  We weren’t sure if we were ever going to be able to have children, so the fact that we have three is quite a blessing.  We started having children when we were a little older, so age was a factor when contemplating having more children.  It took so long trying to get pregnant and all the pain and heartache that comes with that, so the decision to try and have more was a tough one.  After having three girls, we talked and prayed about it for quite some time.  We then knew we were extremely blessed with the three children we had been given.

My youngest daughter is now 18 months old.  Slowly the baby items are disappearing.  The swing has long since been sold, the walker is no longer of use, and the highchair is on the verge of not being needed anymore.  As each item disappears I often get a little teary.  All of these things have been a fixture in our house for so long and it seems empty when they are gone.

It also doesn’t help that my baby thinks she can do the same things as her big sisters which

Capture the moments that become special like the fist days of school

Capture the moments that become special like the first days of school

seems to age her more as well.  As much as I wish she would stay a baby, she tries to flex her wings and escape my hold.

A wise mom once told me, “Instead of looking back on the stages that have passed, look forward to the stages that are yet to come.” 

For each stage of their life I try to capture the moments for me to remember and to also to pass along to them one day.

1.)     When they learn something new like riding their bike, playing a sport for the first time, and starting a new grade in school, I create a scrapbook page full of pictures so they can have something tangible to see when they get older.

2.)    I enjoy keeping something special whether it’s pictures, favorite clothing, or an item from a family vacation.

3.)    I try to record things they said or things people said about them in their scrapbook so those moments can be shared.  They will want to know that their soccer coach thought they were a good player, or the funny thing they said that made us laugh.

One day I can remind them they actually played soccer and loved it!

One day I can remind them they actually played soccer and loved it!

With each of my children I try to embrace the stage they are in and cherish it as long as possible. I think of all the exciting things we get to do together as they get older.  We play makeovers, they get to help me in the kitchen, and taking an overnight vacation doesn’t seem as overwhelming.  As much as I miss the baby stage I know there are great things yet to come. Each new stage brings fun, excitement, challenges, and growth.  I look forward to each one!

What do you look forward to as your children get older?



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