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Black Friday Shoppers Unite!

Surely you or someone you know has been shopping on Black Friday, in the hustle and bustle of the shopping spirit. I am not a “stand-in-line-all-night” kind of gal, but I do love shopping on Black Friday. For me, it’s more of the experience of the season rather than fighting over this year’s most popular toy or electronic – although that does make for some great shopping entertainment and stories later on. If you are that person that stands in line, I totally applaud you!

Ads, Ads and more Ads!

Ads, Ads and more Ads!

One Thanksgiving tradition in my family is to look at all the Black Friday ads after eating our amazing turkey dinner, never knowing what we may come across. It’s fun to see what the stores are practically “giving away” if you stand in line for 3 days before the actual sale.

I came across this site The Black Friday Ads. On the site, it shows all the upcoming information about Black Friday 2013. What I found interesting about this site is its detail to the ads, who’s open when, where to find the best deals, etc. This is for the serious Black Friday shopper.  You can actually plan your entire Black Friday shopping journey – so for the stand in line all night mommas, this site is for you.

I also downloaded Black Friday 2013 Ads app on my phone which works about the same as the website.  This way you can take it with you on your Black Friday adventure and keep the deals highlighted right in your pocket. I love this app! It’s a lot of fun to browse through. It will even alert you to new deals that are placed on the app. It will be of great help come black Friday.

Black Friday 2013 Ads App

Black Friday 2013 Ads App

Screenshot of the App

Screenshot of the App

Look no further for the deals.

I usually go shopping on black Friday after the crazy rush. Since I work, I see that day as more of a lazy sleep in day. So I will sleep in, drink some coffee, play with my babies, get ready around noon or so and head out, usually with my mom and the kids in tow. I’m an early Christmas shopper so by this time I’m not doing any actual Christmas shopping.  But if I am, it’s last minute items or stocking stuffers, or I find an awesome deal for yours truly.

I honestly think Black Friday is about enjoying the time shopping, but I know some of you probably disagree.  It might be more of the late night deals for you!  I love hearing about the great deals my friends come across that day and am very impressed by their tactics. Some of the have it down to a science. Which I like to call….Black Friday Science!

Do you have any tips for shopping on Black Friday? Please share with us!


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    Emily November 22, 2013 at 9:19 am #

    I love Black Friday shopping (or even late night Thursday shopping)! It’s more of the experience than actually getting anything! We saw some crazy stuff last year!

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