The Best Breakfast Recipe for Breastfeeding Moms

Breakfast. The first – and hardest – meal of the day. After I had my babies, so many wonderful and caring people brought dinners for weeks on end. But as much as I love lasagna, I just didn’t have the appetite for cheese, meat, and noodle casserole at 7am, and cereal got old fast. But when my morning started at (or before) 4am, lasagna and spinach chicken casserole suddenly became very tempting when I was starving, exhausted, and they were the only items in my house pre-cooked. 

But one friend brought a tupperware of oatmeal with dinner. And it was amazing. And it gave me easy breakfasts all week. 

So I took the idea of oatmeal and made it my own. I love it, my family loves it, and even my toddler begs for it. It is high in fiber, a good source of protein, low in sugar, and an excellent source of iron, which helps support a healthy milk supply. Even when I’m not nursing, this is my go-to recipe for an easy and healthy breakfast to warm cold winter mornings. I make a big batch on the weekend and eat it all week. 


There are many great brands of these products at the store. But when using ingredients that haven’t been cross-contaminated, this recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, and nut-free (without the almonds of course). These days, there are so many allergy concerns, especially with breastfeeding moms. So finding a recipe that is allergy friendly, helps increase milk production, and is healthy for the whole family is a win-win-win! 

So next time you’re signed up to bring food for a family who just added a bundle of joy to their bunch, consider making a pot of this oatmeal to bless them with breakfast too. And while you’re at it, double the recipe to have some leftover for yourself! 


Enjoy, and Happy Milk Making! 

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