Too Much Technology!

Today’s times revolve so much around technology.  I have a four and two year old and already they know how to navigate the iPhone better than I do.  Their favorite past time is to watch the iPad and it feels like I’m constantly being begged to “watch something.”  I wish I could say that I show them a better example than to be addicted to a technology device all the time, but we are all now becoming conditioned to text message whistles, Facebook message dings, and phone calls.  And that little red circle at the top right of the app?  It just begs me to check in to see what’s updated.  I hate that every time I leave my phone in the other room, my son picks it up and brings it to me like he knows that I don’t like being far from it.

HiPad (300 x 225)

“Special quiet time” usually involves the iPad.

We’ve all read those articles that circle around on social media about moms who miss out on so much because they are checking in on their News Feed or what’s being pinned on Pinterest.  And don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those moms who looks down on other moms for their “phone time.”  Because I am one of those moms who is on her phone –  a mom that uses it for a mental check-out moment when my kids have been whining all day or clinging to me from the moment they woke up.  Or even if they have been perfect all day (well, I can dream), a quick moment to respond to emails or type a funny quote one of them said earlier to share on FB.

Somehow taking mental moments have started to revolve around our technology devices.  I honestly wish we could go back to the time when we had less “instant access” to everyone and all the distractions that it brings.  I remember – back in the day – of having to make a phone call with it attached to the wall.  Can you even imagine that our kids will honestly never know what that’s like?  Or having to come home to check messages on a robotic-sounding machine? Yeah, our kids will never know that.

My two year old navigating the iPhone.

My two year old navigating the iPhone.

So, what’s my point?  My point is that I need to take a breather – for myself.  I want my kids to know that we don’t need to be chained to our cell phones, iPads, computer screens, etc. and that’s the only way we can get entertainment or feel connected.  I want them to know that texts or Facebook messages can wait and we can enjoy our friends face to face!

Getting myself on board is going to be the hardest part.  I rely on my phone and like the interruptions to my day!  I like feeling connected to my friends and checking in with what’s going on.  But I just need to watch myself so my kids don’t get the wrong example.

Some of you might be shaking your head at me and I’ll allow that.  But some of you are right there with me – you know who you are.  So let’s start small so we can get a little more out of our day for ourselves but also so we can be a better example to our kids.  Because they will be teenagers one day and we will want them to put down their phones to have a conversation with us.


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